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Our Projects

  1. Weekly Dharma Teaching

  2. Daily Tara Prayer Session 

We have two permanent scholars for the weekly Dharma teaching. One is for teaching Dharma in English and the other is for Mandarin. Both teachers graduated from an affiliated Buddhist monastery sect in India. The founder leads the Daily Tara Prayer Session from 6 pm-7 pm except on weekends. 

About our Teacher

Geshe Jamyang Norbu was born in the year of 1968 to Mr. Dakpa and Mrs. Poedon. At the age of 8, he began to study basic Tibetan reading and writing at a local primary school for three years.
At the age of thirteen, he became a novice monk and studied Buddhist common ritual performances from his first local teacher. After that time, he thought, it was enough the only study what he had done in the past few years, but there was nothing to get more education from his local small monastery. So, he wished to join any big monastery which has a high educational system. Then he was admitted to Drepung Loseling the largest Buddhist university in south India and hardly studied Buddhist philosophy such as Pramana, Prajpramitra, Matheyamika, Vinaya, and Abidharmakoshka for more than 23 years, during that time, on the yearly examination, he got awards of the top first position among all other students.                                                                                                        When he finished his studies at his monastery, he was admitted to the Gelugpa University for 6 years, and at many times of Gelugpa examinations, he got the top position among same-class students. Finally, he attained the Buddhist highest degree of Geshi Lharampa (Doctorate in philosophy) in 2005 and he was educated in Tantric philosophy in an upper Tantric college (Gyuto) for a few years. Likewise, he was also educated in Western philosophy, English, Hindi, and modern science for many years by different teachers.

In the last five years, he visited many countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan for the benefit of teaching Dharma to the people of Southeast Asia. 

About Teacher

Geshe Tsering Dhondup 


About Founder

Geshe Jampa Tsering, the founder of the centre leads the Daily Tara Prayer Session every day from 6 pm-7 pm except on weekends. He arrived in India in 1992 and received all his teachings and Geshe degree from the Drepung Loseling monastery. He came to Canada in 2008.

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